Using Scrivener links and images with Marked

As of version 2.5, Marked can convert Scrivener's internal link format into Markdown automatically. Links created using Scrivener tools instead of using Markdown syntax are still valid.

However, this means that if Scrivener has auto-linked a url in your Markdown text, it will break any manually-formatted Markdown links. To resolve this, you need to remove the formatting from your text. This can be done by cutting the text, pasting it into TextEdit as a plain text document, and then pasting it back into Scrivener.


Images can be inserted in a document using standard Markdown syntax, with any relative urls referencing the folder containing the Scrivener document (images saved alongside the document, or in a subfolder referenced like ![](subfolder/image.png).

As of Marked 2.5, you can use Scrivener's image tools to insert an embedded image, and when Marked previews it, it will extract and encode the images to embed in the preview (and HTML, Print, and PDF export formats).