Using Screenplay Markdown with Marked

This is a setup for previewing Screenplay Markdown documents using Marked. This functionality may or may not be built in to a future release of Marked, but you can make full use of it right now using Marked's customization capabilities.

For the most up-to-date instructions, check out the Candler Blog.

Marked SPMD installation:

  1. Install the files (download here)

    • Double click the .zip file to extract its contents
    • Move marked-screenplain folder to a folder of your choice
      • Suggestions: Your home folder, /usr/local/bin, ~/Library/Application Support/Marked
      • Move the Screenplay.css file to ~/Library/Application Support/Marked/Custom CSS/
  2. Launch Marked and open Preferences

  3. In the Behavior panel, check the Custom Markdown Processor box and in the field below it, enter the path to screenplain_marked

    • This will be the full (no ~) UNIX path. If you put it in /usr/local/bin/ it would be /usr/local/bin/marked-screenplain/bin/screenplain.
    • If you put it in your users's home folder, it would be: /Users/<username>/marked-screenplain/bin/screenplain
  4. Go to the Style tab of Preferences

    • Click the plus button (+) under the table to add a new custom style
    • In the file select dialog, navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Marked/Custom CSS/Screenplay Markdown.css and add it
  5. Open a Screenplay Markdown document.

    • The custom processor you entered should be on by default. It can be toggled per-document using the gear menu or ⌥⌘C.
    • Select the "Screenplay Markdown" style from the Style selector in the bottom left.


  • This is a customized version of screenplain by Martin Vilcans
  • It creates h2 instead of div for "slug" types to allow for TOC navigation in Preview (hover over the upper right edge of the preview)
  • Currently there are no export abilities for formats other than PDF/HTML
  • Pagination doesn't work properly just yet. While you can print and export PDFs of your scripts, note that pages will not be numbered and may not accurately render (Characters may be on different pages than their dialogue, no "mores" or "continueds", etc.). This may be fixed in future updates.