Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Snow Leopard support?

As an individual dev with a day job, I just ran out of resources to develop for both Snow Leopard and Lion as many of the features I wanted to add required Lion capabilities. As a peace offering, I've generated a build of version 1.3 that has all possible functionality and is stable even on 32-bit systems running 10.6. This build will not run on Lion (or Mountain Lion), but it's free to Snow Leopard users. People who have purchased Marked through the App Store will still own it and, should they ever update their operating system or get a new machine which can run a newer operating system, it will be waiting for them. The SL build can be downloaded here.

Is Marked a Markdown Editor?

No. Marked is a viewer for Markdown files. It can do a lot of magical things, but it is not--and will never be--an editor. It's designed to work with your favorite editor, not replace it. If you're looking for a solid, Markdown-aware text editor, Byword is an excellent choice and works wonderfully with Marked (Byword CSS for Marked is available, too). Also see iA Writer and watch for new apps on the App Store.

Will Marked work with Evernote/DevonThink/MarsEdit/Scrivener?

Not yet. These applications (and some others) keep their files inside a bundle or a database, neither of which is accessible to Marked for opening or watching. You can use the Preview Selection Service in the Marked Bonus Pack to see your work in a temporary preview, and there are scripts and droplets in the bundle to take care of "watching" for live updates within these applications.

I'm working on an API that should be able to work with some of these applications. Details to come.

What file types will Marked open?

Marked opens plain text files.

Marked is not designed to handle Rich Text (RTF), word processor documents (Pages, Word, ODT, DOCX, etc.), or any kind of image. Marked will handle HTML files saved as plain text, but processes them differently by default (behavior may be changed in preferences).

Marked 1.3 supports any extension. It will review any file dropped on it and do its best to determine whether that file is able to be processed or not. If your file is plain text and uses any of UTF-8, UTF-16, Mac OS Roman or Latin 1 encoding and Marked still will not open it, please add a note in the forum and attach a sample file.

I edited my file in TextEdit and now Marked won't open it.

  1. Make sure you're saving with an encoding that Marked recognizes (see paragraph above). This can be set in the Save As dialog and you can set a default encoding for new files in TextEdit Preferences.
  2. Make sure you're in Plain Text mode, which is set under the Format menu. If this is set to rich text, your file may look like plain text but will save in a format Marked can't process.

Can Marked do "GitHub Flavored Markdown" with Syntax Highlighting?

Marked 2 supports GitHub Flavored Markdown. If using the Discount processor in 2.3, support is 100%. If using MultiMarkdown, ensure that "Preserve paragraphs" and "Fenced code blocks" are enabled.

In Marked 1.4, you can use a custom processor and some Ruby-fu.

How do I get to the Table of Contents feature?

If you have headers (## or greater) in your document, just type ⌘T to activate the table of contents.

This is a webkit bug. The links are generated as absolute links to the file and Preview doesn't respond to them. Adobe Reader will throw an error. I'm hoping this is fixed soon.